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Yes, you do need home security doors and windows

Most older homes have weak points in their security. Access is relatively easy, and some old buildings usually haven’t been well maintained. Doors and window frames normally only get maintained or repaired when there’s something obviously wrong with them. Compared to modern security screen doors, old style doors are no barrier at all for intruders. The old wooden frame, plain glass windows are no obstacle, either.

home security doors and windows

No need to panic, but you do need to think about your security
The typical old style security for conventional doors usually involves a deadlock, a latch and a screen door. These do work to a point, and the usual method approach by intruders is to simply break down the door. Windows have even less protection, usually not much more than a latch. The glass is broken or removed, or the window prised out of the frame.

It takes a determined intruder only a couple of minutes at most to get through normal doors and windows. Conventional doors and windows simply aren’t designed to withstand physical attacks, and even if well-built, they can’t really obstruct entry for long, if at all.

The sad fact is that older homes are the most vulnerable. If you look around the suburbs, you’ll notice that it’s only the older homes which have the added security protection like bars on all the windows, or the heavy duty security roller blinds. Although these forms of protection do add a level of security, they’re not invulnerable, either. Bars bolted on to wooden buildings don’t stand up too well to a jemmy or a crowbar, and the roller blinds, if tough, usually don’t alter the fact that intruders can simply go around them by attacking the frames.

Security and lifestyle issues
Many homeowners aren’t too thrilled with the aesthetics of the bars and roller blinds, either. As design statements, they don’t say anything good about the quality of life or the neighborhood. Living behind bars isn’t everyone’s idea of a great lifestyle, either. Given the choice of a modern security door, which is designed to take a hit from a sledgehammer and still look nice, the security door wins every time.

Security fittings are now designed to be almost identical to conventional designer doors and windows. There’s a huge range of styles of security doors and windows which will work with old homes and the newest designer mega-homes with the big glass areas. They’re also customizable, and can be used in any home design environment. This is a different type of lifestyle statement, and it makes a point- Security can look good, too.

Security doors and windows are the front line of defence and they’re also highly visible, and a real deterrent to would-be intruders. Security doors and windows are made of reinforced marine grade steel, with the added protection of the “three point pins” to prevent them being removed. The security mesh is resistant to knives, physical impacts, and even crowbar attacks on the frames.

There’s one other point to be made regarding security doors and windows- the budget bottom line. Security doors and windows are extremely low-maintenance. Unlike their conventional counterparts, they rarely if ever need repairs. All they need is occasional cleaning.

Think about what you need for security for your home, shop around online, and you’ll be surprised at the possibilities.

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