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Your Front Door is the First Line of Security for Your Home

You’ve worked hard, gathered your furnishings and collections and placed them around your home, and made investments that you need to protect.  Your home is your sanctuary, your peaceful solitude away from the maddening crowds and you would like to keep uninvited thieves from disrupting life as you know it.  As you consider the options that you have for a front door, you’ll want to keep security as the top of your criteria for making a safe and secure selection.  Let’s look at some tips for making your home secure and preventing a thief from entering.

A company like Safedoors can provide you with a door that offers your home strong security

1.       Select a lock for your front door – and use it.  This is one of the most common and inviting mistakes that homeowners make – forgetting to lock their front doors.  The company from which you purchase your door will have a wide array of hardware that is designed to make your door the front line of security in home safety.  But to be effective, the lock must be engaged.

2.       Use the “three-fold approach: deter, detect, and delay.”  Make sure that you have good locks in place, you have signs posted about security, and that you engage your alarm system before you leave home.  It’s also a good idea to give the impression that someone is home; this can be accomplished with lighting or radio or television noise.  Outside lighting with motion detectors can also help detect when someone is prowling around who shouldn’t be in the area.  Thieves who have to pick locks or spend more time to gain entry into your home will simply move to another location.
3.       Keep landscape trimmed so that a burglar can’t hide from view as he works to enter your home.  If you have plants that are overgrown close to your front door, a thief can work diligently to break into your home and retreat to the lush shrubs to hide if someone drives or walks by.  It’s a wise idea to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed neatly to prevent a break-in at your home.

4.       Ask your sales specialist about a spyhole.  This is a handy way of seeing who is at your door before you open it.  This should be a feature of the door that you buy to replace your existing one.  If your current door is old and out of style, you should consider purchasing a new one that has upgraded features that could help save your life.

Protecting your family and your possessions can be handled in a confident manner if you plan, purchase a door that will provide you with durability and security, and use common sense when leaving your home.  Working with a team of professionals like those at Safedoors allows you to take advantage of their experience and wisdom when it comes to doors that are attractive yet functional.  These experts can furnish you with guidance as you make selections that can work to save your life.

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