Green living: Save Our Earth By Living Green

Solar Power Used In Movies

Solar power is power obtained from the extraction of energy from sunlight.

Photovoltaic Solar Power

Power is obtained from the sun by using photovoltaic (PV), which uses semiconducting materials to convert solar energy, the light and heat from the sun, into direct currents of electricity. PVs use solar panels made up of several solar cells (or also, photovoltaic cells) which absorb the sun’s rays. More »

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Why recycling chutes are important to improve your building’s performance

A recycling chute or trash chute is a quite modern kind of convenience that everyone takes for granted. I believe working in some high-rise building could be less pleasant without applying these easy and time-saving devices.

Recycling Bins

Below are few ways that recycling chutes can improve the conditions inside a modern and high-rise structure building.  More »

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Green Living Practices

The basic function of a business in a society is to produce, and any good business will establish a strong line of production to generate revenue. However, as we have grown and matured in the 21st century, the apparent flaw of this mechanism is that overproduction can often be a plight on our resources, as well as the environment that we derive them from. For this reason, the business world has started to move onto different norms that are meant to create successful business models, but by using a lot less.

Watering green sprout

While one of the driving factors behind this shift is an ethical one, made out of respect for a shared environment we all must take care of, it is also an extremely economic one. Take Wal-Mart, for example, who has recently undergone a great amount of effort to make its business practices more environmentally friendly. More »

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How to Up Your Lawn Game This Year

With the weather warming up, you’re probably starting to put more focus and attention into how your lawn looks. Here are the tips you need to seriously up your lawn game this year and add to your home’s overall curb appeal.

Lawn Playing

Master the perfect cut.

Upping your lawn game is more than learning to cut your lawn well, but a good cut still rests at the foundation of a truly spectacular lawn. To seriously up your lawn game, you’ll want to start by mastering the basics of mowing, including setting your lawn to the perfect height, following up with a trimmer, and edging along the driveway and sidewalks. More »

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Environmentally Friendly Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial or cleaning supplies are something that every home or business needs. Using the proper cleaning supplies helps prevent infestation by rodents and insects. It also helps prevent deterioration by mold, mildew and rot. In addition, the use of cleaning supplies helps avoid disease and other health issues.

Green Home

Going Green Is the Way To Go

Since the advent of ecologically sound cleaning supplies and the recognition of their benefits, homeowners and businesses have focused on those kinds of janitorial supplies to keep homes and businesses safer and cleaner. Thankfully, the costs of eco friendly cleaning products have come down, making it easier to shop for more effective cleaning supplies that don’t harm the environment. Online shopping, which continues to grow, makes it even easier, cheaper and faster to buy environmentally safe cleaning materials and products. More »

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Going Green: Are Hybrid Cars the Future?

Hybrid Cars are becoming more commonplace in the world and that’s a sign that the times are changing. While there’s still value in driving, say, a Toyota Vios in the Philippines, the fact is that hybrid cars are now becoming the norm. While the surging popularity of hybrid cars does signify a change, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Toyota Hybrid

How do Hybrid Cars Run

Hybrid cars are essentially cars that have two engines, one uses traditional fuel while the other is an electric engine mainly used for low speeds. Hybrid cars have two engines and this is where their advantage lies. Having two engines not only ensures that the car will run, it also ensures lower fuel consumption and cleaner emission. More »

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