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Cutting Costs: 4 Tips for Making Your Home More Green to Lower Bills

Energy bills have long been one of the largest components of a family budget. In a time when families are looking to cut costs by any means, going green and reducing energy usage makes more financial sense than ever before. So, what are four ways that your family can make your home more green to lower your energy bills?

Solar Panel - Cutting Costs: 4 Tips for Making Your Home More Green to Lower Bills

  • Install A Smart Thermostat
  • Have A Home Solar System Installed
  • Invest In Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Select Your Roofing Materials Carefully

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Why You Should Consider Homesteading

A lifestyle of self-sufficiency known as homesteading, is often characterized by home preservation of foodstuff, subsistence agriculture, and livestock production. In some cases, it can even include the small-scale production of craftwork, textile and clothing. Solar electricity and wind power are some of the renewable sources modern homesteaders use, thus protecting the environment while they grow healthy GMO-free foods and raise heritage livestock. If you find this type of lifestyle tempting and it seems as your cup of tea, keep on reading and learn what are some of the major reasons you should start homesteading.

Homestead - Why You Should Consider Homesteading

Better skills

Homesteading will allow you to develop many new or improve some of the skills you already have. This is especially true if you’re planning to pass the knowledge on to other family members or maybe include your friends into the entire process as well. Work ethic, the use of wide variety of tools, problem solving and various other skills are all a part of homesteading, so you’ll learn everything from fixing the brakes to growing broccoli. These are just some of the invaluable skills that may come in handy even in the future, in who knows which important situation.

Educating the young generations

All the skills you develop through homesteading will be a great foundation for future education of your children. The sooner you start teaching them where the food comes from, and how they can contribute to saving the environment and their household one day, the more appreciative of nature they’ll be. You probably haven’t even talked to your little ones about whether they know that the burger they sometimes have for lunch, actually came from a previously live animal. They’ll learn that tomatoes or potatoes aren’t the groceries made at the supermarket, but that they’re grown in someone’s backyard. What’s more, they might even be enthused enough to spread their knowledge further to their peers and continue the trend even when they’re older.

You’ll always be able to provide food

We live in the most unpredictable of times, when losing your job can happen anytime, but you shouldn’t let that catch you off guard. Becoming unemployed and not being able to find a new job soon can be terrible for your home budget, so homesteading can be a great way to provide your family with a certain amount of security. You never know how long you’ll be without an employment, so you should at least know for sure that your family won’t have to starve. Growing your own crops and storing food is a much more affordable option than shopping for groceries at the supermarket. Homesteading will make you a responsible person, because you’ll be thinking about the future and making sure everyone is taken care of with a sufficient amount of food, no matter what might happen tomorrow or five months from now. Growing your own food, storing your own water, and hunting your own piece of land, will allow you to take care of your family regardless of the type of disaster that might happen.

Better physical activity

Modern life gives us little time to work on our shape, go to the gym or even jog for a little while. That’s another reason why you should consider becoming a homesteader. The whole process of growing crops, milking cows, feeding the chickens and other animals will be a great workout for you. Picking up the fruits and vegetables you grow will be another strenuous activity, and you can even include an entire family into it, making all of them break some sweat while also contributing to the household. Spending time outdoors while taking care of your own fruits and vegetables will be highly beneficial for your health in the long run, as it will make you live a healthy lifestyle without you even noticing it. Add that to eating healthier foods and stressing much less about everyday problems, your life will become much happier and worry-free.

It’s self-empowering

For some people homesteading means self-empowerment. The ability to connect with nature and live a creative life that was pretty much in synced with their own values, was all they needed to feel complete, and maybe that’s what it would be for you. Creating home-based business, homeschooling your children, knitting woolens and caring for livestock while preserving food with traditional methods and generating solar energy to grow your food organically is more than enough to overflow you with the feeling of empowerment. Watching your children learn how to make grow food and preserve it later with their own two hands, will offer you a peace of mind as well, because you’ll know they’ll be able to take care of themselves much better than children who haven’t been raised like yours were.

GMO free food

In order to make fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer, big companies tend to use a variety of pesticides and chemicals that eventually wreak havoc on our health. Therefore, to be sure you’re eating healthy and GMO-free food, you should grow it yourself. Plant a seed, use your water spray gun to water it and watch it grow without any harsh chemicals until it’s ready for you to enjoy it and feed your children the healthiest produce. Also, homesteading will allow you to preserve your GMO-free food very well, as you can consider freezing, storing, fermenting or even dehydrating it. Not all of these options are the most sustainable, but they will make a great modern homesteader out of you.

Homesteading is a wonderful way to become closer to nature, develop new skills while improving the existing ones, live a healthy lifestyle, grow food free of all the toxic chemicals and spread the knowledge of farming to younger generations. It’s also quite self-empowering, making you feel like you’re making a difference and helping the planet with your alternative way of life. You won’t have to worry about your family ever being out of food because you’ll have all the food you need growing in your backyard. If you like how all of that sounds, it’s high time you started homesteading and see for yourself how many benefits it will bring you and your family.

2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To

Over the years, home decor trends have changed drastically. I distinctly remember when brightly colored walls and shag carpets were in style. The thought of either of those things in my home now make me want to vomit. There’s nothing cute about it. Do you think that’s something our kids will be saying in twenty years about subway tile and raw wooden beams? Probably, but I sure hope not. As 2018 comes to a close, there are so many things to look forward to in 2019. Home decor is one of those things. Which of these upcoming trends are you most excited for?

Multi functional Furnitures - 2019 Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To

Multi-functional furnishings

I know about a dozen people who have decided to move their entire lives to more urban areas in the last year, and I’m sure that number will continue to increase. Because of this, furniture companies have been forced to create furniture that is not only compact, but also multi-functional. A ottoman that opens up to reveal storage space? Absolutely. Murphy beds? Sure. As well as this, we anticipate that pieces of furniture that are easily able to adapt to new rooms and styles will be increasingly popular in 2019. More »

How to find cheap firewood in Sydney

If you regularly heat, you will want to seek cheap firewood in Sydney. The only reason why many of us use firewood in Blue Mountain is because we would like to save money, and also reduce heating bills. So, how can you find firewood delivery in Sydney that is inexpensive? Like it is the case with many other things in life, you are likely to get what you will be paying for. Here are a few tips you can use to lower the cost of your firewood and get a good deal on your purchase.

Firewoods - How to find cheap firewood in Sydney

What to consider when you are buying firewood

If you find a supplier of firewood in the Blue Mountains who offers cheaper rates than others, you will need to be cautious, and make sure that you have a good understanding of what you will be buying.  In most cases, they could be selling green firewood, soft firewood, or even rotten firewood for sale. The price is reduced as it is usually harder to sell as compared to the quality wholesale red gum firewood. This doesn’t mean that these kinds of firewood cannot be used. More »

The Mental Benefits of Green Spaces

We all know that going outside is considered good for you. Or at least most of us do! We’ve all had days where we felt dreary and overwhelmed, but were offered some reprieve by a walk through a park, or even just in our own backyards. There’s no denying that spending a little time outdoors is a great way to feel at least a little better. These benefits aren’t just in your head (or maybe they are, and that’s the point)! Many studies have been done over the years that have shown that green spaces have a tremendous impact on our mental health, and can even improve our coping mechanisms to very real mental disorders. Check out some the many mental benefits of green spaces…

Natural Environments - The Mental Benefits of Green Spaces

Helps Productivity

Green spaces and natural environments help us clear our mind and focus more on what matters. Whether you are focusing on an external task or simply self-reflecting, spending time in nature greatly improves your ability to succeed. Several studies have shown that simply having plants in your field of vision helps improve your memory and hones your ability to focus. This is paired with a decrease in depressive thoughts that impact your ability to fulfill tasks. It’s actually for this reason that many businesses nowadays are opting to include more green spaces in their office buildings, as it enables a better working environment. More »

How Different States Are Improving Their Air Quality

It’s no secret that our environment is in trouble. Due to negligence, the earth we live on is vastly different than the one the generation before us did. And not just the ground we walk on, but the air that we breathe. In some states, going outside on a red air day for an hour is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. No matter what your views on sustainable living and conservation are, it’s hard to deny the impact we have on the world around us. Luckily, there are things that we all can do to improve our air quality, and yes, there are beneficial things you can do besides just driving less (although that won’t hurt, either).

Green Space - How Different States Are Improving Their Air Quality

Green Spaces

In Washington State, Amazon has a new headquarters, filled with greenery. It’s an architectural trend that is starting to catch on for new office spaces. In Amazon’s new headquarters, there are vines strung above desks, with large trees throughout the building. All of these plants are amazing for the environment, but they also have incredible benefits for you. There have been studies to show that working in green spaces, and even just living in a close proximity to trees and greenery, has a positive impact on your health and the interactions you have on a daily basis. More »

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