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Why Is Carpet The Best Option For Your Home?

The design debate over which is better in the home, carpet, tiles, or other types of flooring, rages on. This is an argument in favor of carpet, not to denigrate the very high design values of other flooring, but to add some additional perspective. Carpeting has evolved a lot in recent years, and it now has some particularly valuable advantages for home owners. Carpet manufacturers have had a sort of design epiphany in recent years, and if you look at modern commercial carpets, you’ll see how much has changed.

Commercial carpet
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Commercial carpets are a sort of industry benchmark for the best products. They get replaced regularly, and naturally the shop owners go looking for value and quality. The new carpets are effectively a whole new species of carpets, sustainable, extremely durable, and eco-friendly to the extent of saving about half a billion dollars in water usage over a decade, for one US company alone.

The design issues

Carpets are a texture element in the home. Beautiful as stone, hardwood, and tiles are, they just don’t have that texture. Carpets are a form of padding, like a local environmental effect. There are places where you want (and need) hard surfaces, and places where you don’t.

Modern carpets are very high value textures in the home. They’re very solid, and they provide feet-friendly surfaces in areas like living rooms and bedrooms. For designers, one of the considerations is this sensory effect, providing a good spectrum of comfort and elegance.

The best rugs can only do part of the job. A problem for big homes is also how many rugs do you want to have to clean? It’s simpler to have one surface than multiple surfaces. They also need to be underpinned on finished surfaces, unless they’re huge.

Another design issue is room temperature. Carpets are good in cool climates. Carpets gain and lose heat more slowly. They’re fibres, and the fibres trap heat consistently. That’s why carpets rarely get really cold. The fibres provide a type of micro environment for heat.

The style issues

Perhaps the most important thing about the new carpets is this very strong level of design flexibility. Carpets provide a huge range of style options. Modern carpets, like the new commercial carpets, can be fully customized. The new designs also include Biometrics, natural theme-inspired carpet designs which are far more aesthetic and avoid monotonous monotones.

Durability and sustainability

For the eco-committed, some major points: The new carpets are recyclable, sustainable, and have extremely low carbon footprints. Old style carpets were truly eco-unfriendly, being very much petroleum products. The new carpets have longer lives. Carpet tiles are also extremely easy to maintain and repair, unlike broadloom, which can be a major operation if they get damaged.

If you’re looking for a carpet, shop around online, compare prices, and check out the new viewer technology which lets you view designs in multiple colors and settings. Use the commercial flooring standards as a quality guide. You’ll find exactly what you want.

Important: When you’ve found what you want, talk to the supplier. You can get very good deals, and useful advice.

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